Playing with Seal script and going way back in time to the origin of Chinese calligraphy

A Shan Shui painting, based on the 1000 character poem of Emperor Huizong (Zhang Ji, Song dynasty)

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I walked into the magical world of Chinese Calligraphy by chance. It's a wonderful place, with sounds of its own and no boundaries.

People tend to remember exactly where they were or what they were doing during momentous or life changing events. My story with Chinese calligraphy started on an unmemo-rable Saturday morning when I walked into my old friend and art teacher on Queens Road Central. 

For a while I wondered if working with ink strokes, writing and symbols as an inspiration, is it art? He never answered the question but suggested I take calligraphy lessons with Mr Wong. 

I was a bit doubtful (yes, I do write Chinese, but also a foreigner). And then, 91 year old Mr Wong changed my life! He is one of the last great Chinese Masters and acquain-tance of the late Zhang Daqian and Chu Teh-Chun with whom he would have tea. 

There is something magical about practicing the old Masters, Xu Wei and Mi Fu becoming my immediate favorites. I practiced and practiced, and in the strokes, I discovered a world that is all about flow, energy, empty spaces, simplicity, boldness or elegance. And after a while I mastered the techniques and .. started to break all the traditional rules. 


Exhibition @ The Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society (HKIYAS) "The Art Box"
Nov-Dec 2020