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from closet artist as a western female investment & private banker to professional ink artist

My journey into Chinese calligraphy started with curiosity and a one-in-a-million chance to learn from a great Master. Before long, practice turned into intrigue and magic, the space beyond technique, when the fingerprints, energy and expressions of the traditional Chinese calligraphy masters became apparent.

Copy of Copy of Hilde mertens - 2_edited_edited.jpg

Soon, brushstrokes flow from “no thinking”, from hearing and feeling open spaces, silence, the suspended mystery of the “ten thousand things”. To listen to the universe is to see change happen and to understand a little of its emptiness. My place to listen to a deeper inner self that appears but equally quickly disappears.


I have called HK and Asia my home for many years, leaving Belgium with a Master in Chinese & Econ, to pursue a career in Investment/Private banking and Management Consulting in Beijing, HK, Singapore and London and as an Oxford Said Business School alumnus.

S Magazine, January 2024

Articles in the HK Club News, April 2023 and April 2024

Articles in The Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce HK magazine

   BLCC Digital Magazine no. 12 (


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