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ink studio

the 10,000 strokes of one chinese brush. each stroke with a beginning, middle and an end.

When Picasso met with the famous artist Zhang Daqian in Cannes in 1956, he said "I was born in Spain, so I am a painter. But if I had been born in China, I would be a poet and calligrapher".

Brown Minimalist Rustic Modern Book Mood Boards Photo Collage - 3_edited.jpg

Ink Studio invites all ink enthusiasts to see but also feel the flow and energy in a single brush stroke. To find what makes Chinese calligraphy and culture unique through the fingerprints that were left behind by the great masters. When calligraphy becomes art and an expression of Qi, emptiness, the rhythm of presence and absence and change. 

  • Ink Studio with The Friends of The HK Museum of Arts - July 2023

  • Le Meridien Ink Studios - Summer 2023

  • Bloomberg Ink Studio - December 2023

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