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the hong kong club I
the emptiness of poems 
march-may 2023

Reading between the lines into the magic and “fingerprints” of the old Masters. Xu Wei, Wang Duo, Emperor Huizong and Mi Fu have become immediate favorites.

And through practice, the flow of ink, its energy and empty spaces become silent, as if the Masters show a bit of their inner selves. To them, their inner world is the same as what they observe outside. There is only oneness between the ten thousand things and the ten thousand thoughts.

The boldness and elegance in their brushstrokes show a glimpse of the constant transformation of all that is. Once the mind is silent and alone with the brush, writing calligraphy becomes a spiritual practice.  

For me, after mastering the techniques .. it's time to break the rules and explore where the ink and brushstrokes are going and slowly find this world that is limitless.

the hong kong club II
letters from the universe
march 16-may17


There is this beautiful concept of “the 10,000 things” in the Chinese philosophies of Buddhism and Daoism.  They move and flow between what is and was, and what could be or never will be. It’s the Universe talking back and inviting us to take part and to become more than just observers. If we listen closely, we will hear where to go next.

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