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Le Meridien-cyberport, hk
rhythm of strokes exhibition
july-sept 2023

“It is easy to paint ghosts and devils. The most difficult are dogs, horses and other things. Why? Because people are familiar with dogs and horses, but no one has ever seen a ghost or devil”
(Han Fei, 280-233BC)

The Rhythm of Strokes Exhibition is a magical moment on my search for the flow in Chinese brushstrokes, wondering what would happen when the energy and scripts of different masters comes together?


There is no better inspiration than Wang Xizhi’s (303-361) “Preface to the Orchid Pavilion, LanTingJi”. Imagine forty-two literaty gathering next to a stream for a drinking contest during a Spring Purification Ceremony in the ninth year of Emperor Yonghe. Cups of wine float gently down the stream, and when a cup stops in front, the guest had to compose a poem or drink the wine. Wine and poems flow, leaving traces of shared sentiments, emotions and great conversations.

"The Collectors Guides to Chinese Paintings" were advising that paintings should be changed regularly and not left hanging for long times. Scrolls should not suffer from overexposure, dust or drying! 

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