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Inspired by 3000 years of Chinese Calligraphy & Ink.

But 3000 years of Chinese calligraphy is much more than a source of inspiration. Something magical happens in the space behind technique and the fingerprints or expressions of the old Masters. There lies a space of suspended mystery. The same brushstrokes now flow from “no thinking”, from hearing and feeling open spaces and silence. To listen to the universe is to see change happen and to understand a little of its emptiness. 

Born in Belgium and based in HK. A career in investment banking and management consulting in Beijing, HK, Singapore and London by day. And a journey into Chinese calligraphy that started with curiosity and a one-in-a-million chance to learn from one of the great masters, now 92 years old. I walked into the world of Chinese Calligraphy by chance. It's a magical place, with sounds of its own and no boundaries.

Enjoy my articles in The Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce HK magazine

BLCC Digital Magazine no. 12 (

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